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How to make an EMP

You are sitting on your laptop reading the news. Suddenly, your laptop goes blank and the power shuts off. You attempt to turn it on but to no avail. You turn on your cell phone to find that the memory has been wiped. Nothing works, and you have no idea what is happening.

An EMP weapon could make that nightmare a reality.

EMPs (Electromagnetic Pulse) are released with Atomic Weapons. A nuclear weapon detonated high in the atmosphere could cause a widespread devastating EMP. Scientist are also researching a weapon that would provide only the electronic slaughtering power, minus the gamma rays.

But what better way to understand this technology than to make one yourself?

DISCLAIMER: This project is for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for any damage caused to Electronics by this device.

Ready to make an EMP?

I have two methods for you.

Method #1, Handheld

Handheld EMP?! I thought they only came in massive bomb types?

If you knew anything about EMPs before reading this, that's what you will think. Well, it is possible.

Amazingly, you don't even have to build a complex circuit. The entire circuit part of this project is already provided, pre-built. It costs around $5. Yes, the disposable camera strikes again!

To start your EMP project, you need a homemade Taser. This can be easily built from that vicious little tourist device above me. Scroll down a bit to find my guide on how to make one. It should literally take around 5 minutes.

Familiarize yourself with all the parts on the Camera's circuit board.

Now, you will need a few other parts. Go buy some insulated copper wire (the thicker the wire, the more powerful the EMP) and an iron rod. You can also use a non-metal rod, but this will be less powerful.

Take the copper wire and wrap it around the rod, TIGHTLY. As tight as possible. Once you are finished there will be a wire sticking out on either end.

Take the Camera Circuit (Taser) and solder the ends of the wires to the Capacitor. Make sure it is shorted first and the battery is out, unless you want to end up like the criminals mentioned in the Taser guide.

Now, GET OUTSIDE. Go far out into your backyard. Ensure that you don't have ANYTHING electronic in your pockets. Ensure that you don't have ANYTHING electronic in your hands. Heck, ensure you don't have ANYTHING electronic in your underwear, just in case. A mistake, and you may permanently break whatever you forgot to put away.

If you are using a Pacemakers or life support device, go get a hammer and smash your EMP. NEVER USE IT. You'll kill yourself. Keep this well away from anyone who has any of these devices.

Lastly, NEVER use it to interfere with other people's electronics or broadcasts. If you destroy some guy's iPhone with your EMP, you can be arrested as easily as if you took a chainsaw and destroyed it that way.

But of course you want to make sure it works. Hence why I said get outside. You aren't going to leave this awesome device sitting there not knowing if it works, are you? Of course not.

We need a guinea pig. No, not an actual guinea pig. The EMP wouldn't even affect it. A theoretical guinea pig. And the little device we are going to punish for no real reason? Meet the $0.99 Office Depot Calculator.

Look at that. Just asking for it, isn't it?

Maybe not, but it's only a dollar and is electronic. Need I say more?

Take your victim (the calculator, what were you thinking?) and place it as close to the EMP as possible without touching it. Again, ensure that you are nowhere near anything else electronic. Your EMP should have a blast radius of a few feet.

Put the battery in. Push the switch. If needed, you may want to remove the wires to charge the capacitor, but this as dangerous as you may shock yourself.


No. None of that will happen. If you did everything right, you really shouldn't see anything. Once it is finished, go unplug the battery. Now, the moment of truth!

Pick up your (hopefully) dead victim and press the ON button. Does it work?

If yes, well, you did something wrong.

If no, CONGRATULATIONS! Your EMP is finished. Please keep reading for the warning at the end.

Method #2, EMP Explosive Device

This one is not re-usable. You also don't need a Camera.

First, check your local laws to find out if Firecrackers are legal. They are? Excellent!

Go to the Firecracker store and buy one.

Now, look up Neodymium Magnets. Neodymium is a Rare Earth that forms superb magnets. Buy two of them.

Make the EMP Coil rod as described in Method #1. But, instead of a solid rod, make sure that the rod is hollow and can fit the firecracker. Also, do not connect it to any Camera circuit or capacitor.

Stick the Neodymium magnets on either end of the firecracker, and connect the copper wires to the magnets. Put your electronic victim near the device (not too close or you will just blow it up). Make sure you are in a safe area with no people or electronics around. Take a match, light the fuse, and RUN! Get as far away as possible. The firecracker will explode and possibly send a neodymium magnet into your skull. However, it should generate the same EMP affect which will wipe out the Calculator.

Legal Issues. In the United States, do not use this device on any device other than your own or you risk being arrested. Keep it legal, and only break your own electronics.

Always keep the battery out when not using it, and store it away from electronics... just in case.

NEVER use this near ANYONE using a pacemaker or life support. Keep them as far away as possible, or you could hurt them.

If you have an RFID that needs killing, this works great!

Lastly, if you built an EMP Proof box and want to test it, just stick a calculator in there and fire off the EMP. If it still works, you did well.


Questions? Use the comment function.

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  1. You did not include how to make a taser out of the circuit. Can you please e-mail me the taser instuctions along with the EMP & a picture?

    Thank you for your time.


    1. Sorry I found the taser instructions,but could you still send me a picture of the EMP? Also, the first EMP will likely destroy the device, right? If yes, is there a way to make a EMP that only disrupts electronics for an ammuont of time?

      Thanks again.

    2. Hi. I am a big fan of your works. However, when I tried to make my EMP, nothing happens. so, I tried to remove the wires from the capacitor, then let it charge, and then touch the wires against the capacitor, thus making the current flow. The capacitor charges, like it should. Then, when I put the wires to it, it lets out a big spark. I don't know why this is happening. Please help.

    3. Because when you charged the capacitor and connect it with the wires, you experienced a discharge. You probably build the EMP wrong so you should try to build it again

  2. hi could u email me the full instructions of how to build emp device from a disposible camera please.. thanks..

  3. Doesn't it need electricity or something? I mean the #1 project. I understand that I only need to connect the copper wires to the capacitor, without any batteries or such. Is that right?

    1. of course not. who needs electricity to charge a capacitor and run a freaking electrical circuit.

    2. Bogdan, you put in the batteries that power the capacitor to power it

  4. So what would the radius of the first method?

    1. I don't think it is effective beyond 3-4 maker did not made it directional, most of the MW energy is spread in all should use something like metal cone or satellite dish to concentrate this energy...FYI lens doesn't work here in this case

    2. If you want a more deadly effect you should use a tactical flashlight. (taser)

  5. Does the rod have to be hollow like a tube? And Does the rod have to be iron? what about steel? Can you please answer back.

    1. Obviouslyhas to be hollow, you put the firecracker inside the rod to get effect.

  6. hi could u email me the full instructions of how to build emp device from a disposible camera please.. thanks..

  7. Could u email me the complete instructions for both of these? Thanks.

  8. Can you email me a video on how to make a emp please

    My email is

  9. Replies
    1. Can you please manufacture a fully manufactured professional wide-radius blast army EMP device, stick it between your buttocks along with an hitachi vibrator, then go in the middle of a Mall and fire off the damn thing. You'd go sad because the vibrator would stop! ;)

  10. Is there a way to make a EMP that only disrupts electronics for an ammuont of time?

    1. no as an electro magnetic pulse fries the electronic circuit. for that you would require a device known as a pinch, however they are difficult and expensive to make

  11. Full instructions are here:

  12. Seriously... if you guys don't understand the basic principles behind this project (or apparently that capacitors, for some reason, need electricity to work), you'll probably end up hurting yourself.

    1. I agree and you might try and READ the article everything has been answered , then you won't show yourselves to be dumb asses.

  13. What would the freq of the emp be? I'm considering building a faraday cage with the correct mesh size according to the freq

  14. hey i am big fan of your works i love to do crazy things however i was not able to manage neodymium magnets is there any alternative for it and kindly mail me all instruction of how to make emp gun sort of my mail is thank u

  15. Hey really loved the idea but would like to know how it looks and also couldn't find the guide for the taser, could you please e-mail me a picture and thE guide-

  16. If you solder a bigger capacitor in the other ones place it should multiply the effect right? But would the cameras charging circuit manage it?

  17. i feel dumb asking this but whats keeping the copper wire to the rod?

  18. So in theory if I up the size scale on the parts and use an aircraft battery I can make the emp spread out a little further?

  19. I AM TIRED OF DISPOSABLE CAMERAS! Would you like to know what MY victim of choice is? A DISPOSABLE CAMERA! Is there any way at all I can build the circuit without one? Every single EMP generator I find runs on one.

  20. can you email me the taser instuctions please?





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